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The ultimate statement in jewellery, platinum is a precious metal with a beautiful cool white sheen.
Platinum does not reflect colour which allows your stone’s brilliance to take centre stage.


Palladium has much in common with platinum – it is very white, does not require plating, and does not tarnish.
Palladium is less dense making it a perfect choice for jewellery.


A truly classic metal in jewellery design. 
The fineness of gold is measured in carats (abbreviated ct), with the highest grading for gold being 24 carats.
We design in the colour and carat of your choice.  Look out for yellow, white, and rose variations of this stunning metal.


Yellow gold is the most traditional of precious metal options.
A popular choice for jewellery for its appeal to those who desire its rich appearance.


White gold remains a classic choice for engagement and wedding rings.
Appealing to modern brides and grooms who desire the weight of gold with the colour and brightness of platinum.


Rose gold is an alloy blend of yellow gold, silver and copper, which gives this precious metal its signature pink colour.


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