CABLE™ Fusion Bracelet

The Signature bead has two blank faces for engraveable personalisation.

You NEVER need to take this bracelet off. The bracelet will not spoil in wet conditions. You can wear in the bathtub, the shower, in the pool, in the sea or get busy doing any activity in water. It will always last more than a lifetime!

The Fusion CABLE™ stainless steel bracelet is a captivating blend of the unique Petrol colour alongside crisp Polished Black and the classic stainless steel.

Cable Rope:
Stainless Steel

Left Clasp:

Middle Clasp:
Polised Black

Right Clasp:

Signature Bead:
Polished Black

Additional Engraving Availability: 
Signature  Bead Side 1 | Signature  Bead Side 2 | Stopper 1 | Stopper 2 

If you would like Baileys to laser engrave an image that you have hand drawn / designed yourself, please contact us for more information.

Text Engarving: £15.00 (Max 3 Characters)
Image Engraving: £25.00

Please note:- Baileys are unable to laser engrave any photos. They also cannot engrave images of logos that you do not own the rights to i.e. brand names/logos, football club badges.

Ask us about this ...

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